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this is our time, forget the past

I'm having the hardest time grasping that it's May already. I mean, we're already five months into the year - how is that possible? Just yesterday I was marveling at the fact that 2010 was over already!


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On a more positive note, I'm actually participating in something on LiveJournal!  *gasp* Shocking, I know.
I'm auctioning off a fanfic for helpthesouth to raise money for those affected by the tornadoes in the southeast this past week. My thread is here if you're wanting to bid on it, and I encourage you to browse around the other categories to see if there's anything else you might be interested in. Those people are really hurting and can use all the support they can get! (I wanted to donate blood or something similar that I knew would be successful in helping out, but I'm not old enough. Meh.)

Here's to hoping May is an awesome month for all of us! It's already looking up with the release of Secondhand Serenade's new EP tomorrow (which I'm currently previewing on AOL Music and it's absolutely wonderful). I'm definitely in my happy place. ♥
Lisbon - Red Hot

Oh, cast. Why so beautiful?

 Prepare for some massive icon spammage. Well, massive enough for me. I've gotten through 2x02 of Castle, and I have icons to prove it! (I did mention being excited about the unlimited screencapping, yes?)

I didn't do some for every episode and I only included Castle and Beckett (and one or two of Alexis, because I love her), but I covered most of what I've watched. Sorted by season-and-episode number.

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Spoiler-free thoughts on Castle so far:
Alexis is my favorite. Seriously, I adore her.
I obviously cannot avoid shipping Castle/Beckett - or Caskett, so I hear. That sounds morbid, but at least it's more appealing than Jisbon.
Stana Katic is beautiful. Nathan Fillion is definitely easy on the eyes as well, though I still love me some Simon Baker.
Ryan and Esposito remind of me of Rigsby and Cho. Likewise, Castle and Beckett's interactions and banter are very similar to Jane and Lisbon's.
Basically, this show is everything I love about The Mentalist, but without the dark stuff. (But don't get me wrong - I love the dark stuff.)
I've already seen spoiler pics for some choice episodes of season three, though not willingly, but I'm still really excited to work my way there! There's a lot to like about this show, and the cast is just great!

On a relatively unrelated note, sirenofodysseus has me shipping Jane/Van Pelt on the side now. They're my guilty pleasure, though not at all canonical. I can't help it, really - the fanfic, asdfghjkl. But rest assured, Jane/Lisbon are still my OTP, for what I hope are obvious reasons.

Sleep? Sounds good.
Lisbon - Red Hot

Mentalist Fanfic: Yet (2/2)

Title: Yet

Rating: T

Warnings: Violence and subtle sexual situations

Disclaimer: I definitely do not own The Mentalist. I'm quite satisfied with the job Bruno Heller is doing this season, so I wouldn't want to anyway.

Summary: "Yet... if he is truly concerned, why doesn't he just tell her? Explain away her fears? Soothe her worries out of existence with his words? Ease her battered conscience and relieve his own?"

Author's Note: Part two of what was originally a one-shot. Essentially the same story as part one, but from Jane's POV - again, this occurs directly during/after 2x19 in my mind. Also written as an entry for the Jello-Forever November Challenge. Thanks to the awezing 
sirenofodysseus  for the wonderful beta job!

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Mentalist Fanfic: Yet (1/2)

Title: Yet

Rating: T, just to be safe

Warnings: Implied violence and sexual situations

Tiny little hints at 2x19 (Blood Money), but nothing obviously linking to the episode.

"Yet.. What does that mean really? Is she purposefully prolonging the inevitable? avoiding the imminent consequences? shutting out that which must eventually come to pass? Or, is she just desperately hoping that it might not come to that after all?"

Author's Note:
This is yet another fic that I wrote a while back, about 4 months ago this time. Again, it's un-beta'd and such, so... keep that in mind, I guess. I only wrote this because the idea would not leave me alone at the time. I quite like it, but I could be biased. In my mind, this occurs directly after 2x19 (Blood Money) and it's a bit of introspective!Lisbon, though you can take it however you'd like. Although this part of the fic was written in July, I've just started the second part this month after a stray plot bunny decided to attack me.



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Lisbon - Red Hot

Mentalist Fanfic: Is two really better than one?

 Title: Is two really better than one?

K+ for references to sexual situations

Obviously not.

Summary: When something real finally happens between Jane and Lisbon, will their newly-acknowledged feelings result in a relationship, or heartbreak?

Author's Note:
So, I wrote this about six months ago. It's un-beta'd and such, and probably not very good since it was my very first fanfic ever, but enjoy anyway! I felt the need to post something... xD




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